Welcome to Apprecious

We are a Software Development team based out of Copenhagen, DK


We build everything from the ground up, no matter the platform. Web, Tablet, Phone or cross-platform. We will deliver.


Our experienced designers will take care of the task and get it done. They will surprice, and only in a positive way.


Whatever the requirements, we are truly flexible. Everything is customizeable, and we will make sure it always fits your exact needs.

User Experience

UX is the bossword of the century, and for good reason. Our specialized UX approach makes sure your product will stand out in the market.


We will create a product that will far exceed you wildest imagination. Every little thing we do is well thought out, and is part of the bigger picture.

Core Stragegy

We build for success and therefor we build on top of strong stragegies. This will make sure your product will succeed, since failure is not an option.


We make sure to follow through when it's time to launch. You will never be left alone, and our experience will give you the headstart you need.


Will be of ease! The systems we create are always set out to be easy to manage, and easy to maintain. And offcourse we will always be of assist if it's needed.

The Team

We are highly skilled individuals, with a passion for developing outstanding digital products.

The Process

Take a look at the process when we start collaboration on a new project

Initial planning

  • Brainstrom
  • Market Research
  • Analyze Potential
  • Project Strategy
  • Create Budget
  • Develop Timeschedule


  • Design Product / Wireframes
  • Design Approval
  • Build Product / Programming
  • BETA Testing
  • Collect Feedback
  • Repeat Steps, Until Perfection


  • Launch Product
  • Promote Koncept
  • Collect Data
  • Analyze Usage
  • Maintain & Optimize
  • Further Development

Write to us

It's free to ask - Let us know about your project, and you will get our take on it